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Daiwa 23 Emblem 45 SCW QD Big Pit Fishing Reel

by Daiwa
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Introducing the enhanced Emblem, a true powerhouse reel designed to revolutionize your carp angling experience. This latest iteration combines cutting-edge technology, premium features, and an exceptional price-performance ratio, making it a must-have for avid anglers seeking unrivaled performance on the water.

The Emblem boasts a 45mm LC Long Cast spool, meticulously engineered to deliver extreme casting distances. Paired with Slow Cross Wrap line lay, this reel ensures optimal line management, reducing friction and enabling you to reach those coveted long-range targets with ease. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom of casting to the horizon.

Equipped with Digigear II, the Emblem guarantees ultra-smooth operation and unrivaled power transmission. This advanced gear system ensures a seamless retrieval of your rig even over vast distances, providing you with the confidence to tackle any angling challenge that comes your way. The rigidity and lightweight design of the ZAION V Air Rotor further contribute to the reel's remarkable rotation performance, ensuring a buttery-smooth experience with every turn of the handle.

One of the standout features of the Emblem is its twin lip spool edge and controlled line release from SCW (Slow Cross Wrap). This innovative design reduces friction and maximizes casting potential, allowing you to achieve those extra yards that were once out of reach. With this reel in your hands, you can confidently explore new fishing grounds and target elusive carp in the farthest reaches of the water.

Adaptability is key in angling, and the Emblem excels in this regard. The Quick Drag (QDM) system offers an extended drag range, allowing you to seamlessly adjust your settings to match different fishing scenarios and the varying fighting characteristics of carp. With a simple twist of the drag knob, you can effortlessly transition from free spool to fully locked up, ensuring you maintain control and confidence throughout every encounter.

The Emblem is supplied with both a shallow C spool and a spare deep LD spool, providing versatility to meet your specific fishing needs. The C type spool has a generous capacity of 300m for 0.35mm line, allowing you to fill multiple spools from a single 1000m spool, while the LD deep spool accommodates up to 530m of 0.35mm line, ensuring you have more than enough line to tackle even the most demanding fishing situations.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Emblem boasts an array of high-quality features designed to enhance your angling experience. The Metal HIP (High Impact Line Clip) ensures secure line placement and accurate casting, while the DS4 body provides durability and strength without sacrificing weight. The machine-cut aluminum handle offers a comfortable grip and precise control, ensuring fatigue-free fishing sessions. The soft touch handle knob adds an extra level of comfort, allowing you to maintain a firm hold even during the longest battles.

The Emblem is more than just a reel; it's a testament to precision engineering and uncompromising performance. With its 45mm LC Long Cast spool, Slow Cross Wrap line lay, QDM Quick Drag system, and a host of other top-tier features, this reel will elevate your carp angling game to new heights. Experience the pinnacle of casting performance, adaptability, and reliability with the Emblem—the ultimate companion for the dedicated carp angler.

  • 45mm LC Long Cast Spool
  • Slow Cross Wrap
  • QDM Quick Drag
  • Metal HIP High Impact Line Clip
  • DS4 Body
  • ZAION V Air Rotor
  • Digigear II
  • Machine cut aluminium handle
  • Soft touch handle knob
  • Supplied with C shallow spool and spare LD deep spool