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Trakker Weigh Tripod

by Trakker
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The Trakker Weigh Tripod is a robust and reliable choice for anglers looking to weigh large fish with precision and ease. Crafted with strength in mind, this tripod is designed to provide complete stability and accurate readings every time.

One standout feature of this weigh tripod is its ability to clear even the largest of weigh slings, ensuring that your measurements are as accurate as possible. Its construction includes a pressed and molded aluminum block, which contributes to its remarkable stability, allowing you to weigh your catches with confidence.

Versatility and adjustability are key attributes of the Trakker Weigh Tripod. Its fully adjustable legs can extend from approximately 125cm to 200cm, adapting to different angling situations and preferences. When not in use, it conveniently packs down to a slim and lightweight form, making it easy to transport.

The tripod comes complete with three pivoting anchor feet, pegs, and a practical carry bag for your convenience. This comprehensive package ensures that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal for a seamless weighing process.

Constructed from durable aluminum, the Trakker Weigh Tripod is designed to withstand the rigors of angling. With approximate dimensions of 125cm in pack size and an extended length of 200cm, this weigh tripod is a valuable addition to any angler's gear, providing the strength and stability required for accurate fish weighing in various fishing scenarios.


  • Dimensions: Approx. pack size 125cm; extended 200cm
  • Weight: Approx 1.87kg
  • Material: Aluminium