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Cobb Premier+ Gas Grill

by Cobb
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Cobb Premier+ Gas BBQ/Oven: Redefining Outdoor Cooking

Step into a new era of outdoor cooking with the Cobb Premier+ Gas BBQ/Oven. This sophisticated, multi-functional cooking system combines portability, durability, eco-friendliness, and safety to offer you the pinnacle of outdoor culinary experiences.

This portable marvel allows you to grill, fry, roast, and bake - a truly versatile outdoor cooking appliance. With the Cobb Premier+ Gas, the possibilities are endless. Prepare any dish, anywhere, and anytime while enjoying the convenience of gas-powered cooking.

The Cobb Premier+ Gas is compatible with all Cobb Premier accessories, except the BBQ Kit, including the Pan, Griddle, Dish, and more. The appliance is equipped with a built-in Piezo ignition system for effortless startup and a Thermocouple system for automatic gas shut-off in the unlikely event of a flame failure.

Designed for both propane and butane, the Cobb Premier+ Gas boasts a nominal heat input of 1.3kW (95g/h), ensuring efficient cooking performance. Manufactured in Vietnam, this appliance is dedicated to outdoor use only and is your gateway to extraordinary outdoor culinary ventures.


  • Appliance Name: Outdoor Gas Barbecue
  • Built-in Piezo ignition system for easy startup
  • Built-in Thermocouple system for automatic gas shut-off safety feature
  • Gas Type: Propane or Butane
  • Nominal Heat Input: 1.3kW (95g/h)
  • Made in Vietnam

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Weight: 3.9Kg
  • Dimensions: W 33cm : H 40cm
  • Inverted Dome: W 33cm : H 33cm

Experience outdoor cooking like never before with the Cobb Premier+ Gas BBQ/Oven. Elevate your culinary skills, explore versatile cooking methods, and immerse yourself in the art of outdoor cuisine. Please note that this unit is not supplied with a hose due to different connections and is not for use with the Cobb Barbecue Kit.