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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Shelf Life Boilies

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Introducing Pro-Stim Liver Boilies, a powerful and naturally attractive bait meticulously crafted to stimulate intense feeding responses from carp. This unique bait boasts highly digestible proteins and water-soluble attractants, creating a distinctive 'smoked garlic sausage' profile that triggers feeding frenzies.

Developed over a 4-year period, Pro-Stim Liver is a truly exceptional bait designed for use in all seasons, making it effective for both short sessions and extended campaigns. Its nutrient-rich formulation, featuring carefully selected proteins including high-quality liver and yeast, marine, poultry, and vegetable proteins, ensures optimal attraction and digestion.

Key Features of Pro-Stim Liver Boilies:

  • Extremely low in oil, making it potent and effective in warm or cold water conditions.
  • Intense 'smoked garlic sausage' profile with smooth spiced liver 'bite'.
  • Contains essential amino acids derived from carefully selected proteins.
  • Includes easily digestible carbohydrates for enhanced intake potential.
  • Enriched with seeds, spices, and kelp for valuable vitamins and minerals.
  • Features bird food content for an open texture and excellent leakage.

Customer Guidance:

  • Shelf Life Boilies should be stored cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Freezer Baits should be stored frozen and air-dried if kept out of the freezer for more than 48 hours.
  • Boilie Color Variation: Natural color variations may occur due to the ingredients used, enhancing the bait's natural appeal.
  • Bait Hardness: Please note that this bait may be soft straight from the bag due to its soluble, highly attractive ingredients. Air drying or coating with liquids can make it firmer for use with a throwing stick.

Pro-Stim Liver is a truly unique carp bait, offering extraordinary characteristics that set it apart from others on the market. Its intense attractiveness increases the chances of instant and long-term success for anglers of all types. Available in shelf life or freezer bait options, Pro-Stim Liver is your ticket to enhanced carp fishing experiences.