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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Pellets 1kg

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Introducing Pro-Stim Liver Pellets, a highly attractive and nutrient-rich option perfect for enhancing your fishing experience. These pellets are infused with the same potent liquid attractors found in Pro-Stim Liver Boilies and Paste, making them an ideal loose feed or bag ingredient for anglers using Pro-Stim Liver products or other items within the Pro-Stim Liver Range.

Key Features of Pro-Stim Liver Pellets:

  • Low in oil and highly digestible, suitable for year-round use.
  • Intensely rich and savory, with a distinct smoked garlic sausage taste and aroma.
  • Packed with amino acids derived from high-quality proteins, including liver, fish, yeast, poultry, and vegetable proteins.
  • Available in 3mm size, perfect for use in PVA bags and sticks, and 6mm size, ideal for catapulting or inclusion in spod mixes.
  • Can be scalded to create a cloud-forming paste, and suitable for boosting with liquids like Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster.
  • Excellent addition to particle, spod, and loose feed mixes.

Breakdown Times (in cold water):

  • 3mm: 3 hours
  • 6mm: 6 hours

Usage Tip: For additional instant and prolonged attraction, consider using Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster, Hot Chorizo Compound, or Feedstim XP.

Customer Guidance: Store this product cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

Rust-red and highly attractive, these pellets are designed for use with Pro-Stim Liver boilies. Infused with our smoked garlic-sausage profiled Pro-Stim Liver liquid, these high-leakage pellets are packed with soluble attractors that disperse quickly in all temperatures, making them ideal for year-round use. Available in 3mm and 6mm sizes.