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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster 50ml

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Introducing Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster, a highly concentrated liquid additive crafted to enhance the flavor and aroma of our exceptional Pro-Stim Liver Pop Ups and other hookbaits within the Pro-Stim Liver Boilie Range.

Properties of Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster:

  • Highly concentrated, thin, colorless booster liquid.
  • Delivers a powerful taste and aroma that swiftly permeates any hookbait.
  • Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants.
  • pH-balanced formula ensures intense feeding triggers.
  • Designed to be equally effective year-round.
  • Usage recommendation: Incorporate into hookbait formulations at up to 8ml per egg.

Usage Tip: Simply apply a light coating of the powerful matching Hookbait Booster to your Pro-Stim Liver Pop Ups or Hookbaits, allowing it to dry in between applications. Note that repeated liquid coating of pop ups may reduce their buoyancy.