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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Dumbell Boilies 10x15mm

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Experience the unparalleled attraction of Pro-Stim Liver Boilies, a potent blend meticulously crafted to entice even the most discerning fish. Bursting with highly digestible proteins and water-soluble attractants, this bait boasts a unique 'smoked garlic sausage' profile that ignites intense feeding responses.

The culmination of over 4 years of dedicated development, Pro-Stim Liver Boilies stand out as a truly distinctive offering in the market. Designed for year-round effectiveness, they excel in both short sessions and extended campaigns, ensuring consistent success on the water.

Key Properties:

  • Exceptionally low oil content, delivering potent attraction in any water temperature
  • Intense flavor profile featuring smoked garlic sausage with a smooth spiced liver 'bite'
  • Enriched with essential amino acids sourced from premium proteins
  • Crafted with high-quality liver, yeast, marine, poultry, and vegetable proteins for optimal nutrition
  • Easily digestible carbohydrates enhance intake potential
  • Infused with seeds, spices, and kelp for essential vitamins and minerals
  • Unique bird food content ensures an open texture and excellent leakage

Customer Guidance:

  • Shelf Life Boilies: Store cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight to prevent sweating.
  • Freezer Baits: Keep frozen and air dry if removed from the freezer for more than 48 hours.

Boilie Color Variation: Our boilies are free from synthetic dyes, resulting in natural color variations. These variations, derived from ingredients like fish meals and spices, do not compromise the bait's quality or performance. Embrace these natural fluctuations, akin to the wholesome foods found in a fish's environment.

Bait Hardness: Please note that the soluble, highly attractive ingredients in this bait may render it soft, making it unsuitable for use with a throwing stick straight from the bag. To enhance its suitability for use with a throwing stick, consider air drying or applying liquids to achieve firmer consistency.