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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster 500ml

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Introducing Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster, a specialized liquid designed to enhance the attraction of Pro-Stim Liver products. Formulated with high-quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, spices, and liver, this booster releases potent water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Key Features of Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster:

  • Highly soluble and digestible, even in cold water.
  • Powerful, long-lasting natural spicy taste with a pungent smoked garlic sausage aroma.
  • Low in oil, disperses quickly through the water column.
  • Rich in amino acids derived from high-quality soluble proteins.
  • Contains appetite-inducing salts, yeasts, and spice extracts.
  • PVA friendly, ideal for use with bag/stick mixes and pellets.

Usage Tip: Coat your Pro-Stim Liver boilies in Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster for an intense boost of nutrients and water-soluble attraction. Repeat the process for added attraction, or add to freezer baits prior to freezing. For boosting particles, pellets, spod mixes, and loose feeds, add 20-30ml/kg and allow to soak in.

Customer Guidance: Store this product cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

Pro-Stim Liver Bait Booster is a purpose-made liquid for enhancing the attraction of any Pro-Stim Liver products. With its potent smoked garlic sausage profile and key ingredients found in our outstanding Pro-Stim Liver Boilies, adding this liquid to your baits will dramatically boost their year-round attraction. Plus, it's 100% PVA friendly.