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CC Moore NS1 Yellow Halo

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Immerse your bait in the irresistible allure of Northern Special Halo, a vibrant yellow 'hookbait smoke' enriched with a potent NS1 flavor blend. This concentrated liquid elevates the attraction of your hookbait, creating an enchanting yellow 'halo' that releases appetite-stimulating attractors into the water. Highly effective across a range of water temperatures, this PVA-friendly formula ensures a consistent and powerful performance. Apply sparingly, with a maximum use of 10ml per 50g of lures or hookbaits, to witness the enhanced effectiveness of your angling arsenal.

  • Contains a high level of our irresistible Northern Special flavour blend 
  • Bright yellow colour creates a vivid halo of water soluble attraction 
  • Designed for boosting Northern Specials and any other hi-viz hookbait
  • Highly concentrated, sweet, citrus flavour profile that fish just love
  • PVA friendly liquid, quickly soaks in and disperses over a long period
  • Potently attractive in all conditions, also repels strong smelling silt
  • As with all NS1 products, extremely effective at any time of the year