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CC Moore Milk N Nut Crush 1 kilo Bag Mix

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This incredibly attractive loose feed contains a carefully selected mix of human food-grade nut products which have been combined with a sweet, creamy powder blend to create a powerful, feed-stimulating loose feed. With its perfect balance of nut particles and ultra-fine water soluble powders, Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush is a product that goes on working for hours after its introduction.

The highly stimulatory natural profile of Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush comes from crushed and ground tiger nuts, crushed, ground and kibbled peanuts and a feed-inducing concoction of skimmed milk, lactose, whey protein and cream powders. Together they produce an attractor combination which drives fish into a feeding frenzy through stimulation of their sight, aroma, taste and nutrient chemoreceptors.

Once introduced into your swim this great year-round loose feed instantly forms a thick white cloud of attraction that quickly travels through all layers of the water to draw fish into your baited area. At the point where it was introduced you will find an irresistible carpet of nutty food particles that will have fish digging around for hours in search of every last morsel – right where your hookbait should be located!

Usage ideas:

Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush is extremely versatile so can be used alone as a stick, bag or method mix but is also extremely effective as a year-round spod mix additive.

When using Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush in PVA bags and sticks you are able to easily adapt its attractor release and dispersal rate. By dampening it slightly with a liquid attractor you can not only slow down its attractor release to ensure it goes on working for even longer but also tie it in with your hookbait and freebies through adding the same ‘label’.

Products from the Live System range are perfectly complimented by this loose feed.