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CC Moore Belachan Hookbaits

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These 10 x 14mm buoyant pellet-shaped hookbaits are packed with Belachan, the highly attractive Malaysian fermented shrimp product. Designed to be fished with either our Boosted Belachan Pellets or Belachan Bag Mix common attractors in each product ensure that the loose feed ideally compliments the hookbait and vice versa. Dark in colour and made from a base of pop-up mix, these hookbaits can also be trimmed or shaped to meet personal requirements.

These powerfully attractive hookbaits are glugged in Liquid Belachan Extract and sufficiently firm to remain on a hair for at least 18 hours

Contents: 50 baits


Wrap a thin layer of moulded Belachan Block paste around your hookbaits to give them a potent, dissolving outer skin.