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CC Moore Aquasweet Spray Liquid Food

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This superb new ‘heat stable’ sweetener has been developed by our bait technicians to replace the previous ‘Talin’ product we supplied for many years. Containing a unique blend of Thaumatin (Talin) and three other carefully selected sweeteners, the results achieved when incorporating this highly soluble liquid attractor in baits of various types have been simply outstanding, when used at any level.

It is a highly concentrated sweetener which adds an intense, extremely prolonged sweetness with the most incredibly smooth, rounded flavour with no trace of any bitter after-taste that can make fish cautious and more likely to shy away from baits.

Aquasweet Properties

  • Intense, smooth, ‘growing’ sweetness
  • No bitter after-taste associated with some sweeteners
  • Highly attractive in all boilie/hookbait types
  • Excellent for adding to particles/loose feeds
  • Has an almost neutral aroma
  • A watery brown colour means it won’t taint ‘hi viz’ baits
  • High solubility in all water temperatures
  • A ‘must’ for all hi-attract hookbait recipes
  • Amazing hookbait soak that hardens baits
  • Very heat stable - superb in both ‘raw’ & cooked baits


Adding this Aquasweet to your loose feed or freebies will make a significant difference to their attraction.

Use at up to 3ml/kg with a water-based liquid such as Feedstim XP or Amino Blend 365 to create a ‘loose feed liquid’ that can be added to soak into your boilie, pellet, particle, bag or spod mix.

Hookbaits can be soaked in a neat solution for long periods where an intense hit of water soluble attraction is required. This will also really harden many baits.

Include in hookbait mixes at up to 1ml/egg and in boilie mixes and when cooking particles at up to 2ml/kg.