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Avid Carp Digital Scales

by Avid
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The New Avid Carp Digital Scales make weighing fish easy and a lot more accurate.

The stainless steel frame of the scales makes it extremely strong and rust-resistant, and it has been encased in a reinforced moulded body to help reduce damage or stress to the scales.

The scales have built-in fold-out arms, so there's no need for a separate weigh bar. The fold-out handles have also been made using the same super-strong stainless steel so that they can weigh big fish safely. In addition, the stainless arms have been covered in an ergonomic reinforced over-moulded sleeve, making them comfortable when in use.

These scales are capable of weighing fish up to 132lb or 60 kilos in 1oz increments making them more accurate. In addition, the digital display has a reinforced sealed cover that will prevent dust and water ingress and eliminate damage. There are only three buttons on the front of the scales, making them very easy to use. First, press the centre button to turn the scales on. Once you've put your weighing sling on, you can press the left button with 0.00 on to zero them. Then the right-hand button will change the weight from kilos to pounds depending on which you wish you use.

There's a black stainless steel hoop fitted to the top of the scales, which allows you to hang them from a tripod or weighing crook, and at the bottom, there's a clever retractable black stainless steel weight hook. This enables you to push the weight hook back inside the scales making them more compact and easy to fit into the neoprene protective pouch.

The scales take 1 x 9v battery and have an on-screen low battery indicator - so you will always know when to change the battery.