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Avid Carp Bait Screws

by Avid
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Avid Bait Screws, The new Avid Bait Screws have been designed to make changing your hookbaits fast, simple and effective. Unlike other screws on the market, they feature a new quick-change design that means you can attach them to ready-tied Chod rigs, or rigs that already have a swivel or rig ring attached. The Bait Screws have been designed to work in conjunction with the super-buoyant Avid High Lites. The High Lites are durable, will never take on water and can be boosted with your favourite flavour, making them the ultimate hookbait for Chod fishing. Like with any Bait Screw, once the bait softens up after a prolonged period in the water, the bait may eventually fall off. If you use one of the super-durable High Lites you will never have this problem and, due to the nature of the High Lites, they will NEVER sink. Perfect!

  • New quick-change design
  • Make hookbait change fast, simple &effective
  • Ideal for use with Avid High Lites
  • Concave disk seals the hole making it watertight
  • Coarse thread provides exceptional grip
  • No Bait loss during the cast