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Aqua Black Series 13ft Full Rod Sleeve

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Introducing the Aqua Black Series 13ft Full Rod Sleeve, a well-designed and well-padded rod sleeve that offers exceptional protection for your prized possession - your fishing rod. At Aqua, they understand the importance of simple rod protection, which is why they have introduced contoured, padded rod sleeves to the Black Series range. Our 13ft variety is specifically designed to cater to your needs and provide extended protection for an array of different rods.

The clip-together system found on our individual rod sleeves is also present in this full rod sleeve, allowing for easy attachment to other Aqua products. Our premium lined rod sleeves are fashioned from a moisture-wicking polyester known as Endura, offering exceptional durability with a tenfold increase compared to regular cotton canvas bags.

With the ever-increasing popularity of distance casting, your ring spacing and large-bore butt-rings are susceptible to damage. The Aqua Black Series 13ft Full Rod Sleeve offers the perfect solution by providing excellent protection for all your casting tools. The sleeve is compatible with 50mm Butt Rings and big pits, making it the ideal choice for carp anglers.

Our premium collection is designed with modularity in mind, playing into an array of angling disciplines. The tonal khaki green pallet adds a touch of style to the Aqua Black Series Luggage items, characterizing them as an unconditional collection.

The Black Series has been designed to make your bankside expedition all the more gratifying. The well-padded and lined full rod sleeve offers excellent protection, and the #10 zips ensure easy access to your rod.

Technical Specifications: The Aqua Black Series 13ft Full Rod Sleeve is made of 900D Endura Fabric, which ensures exceptional durability. The dimensions of the sleeve are 2150mm (H) x 230mm (W), providing ample space for your rod.

Key Features:

  • #10 Zips.

  • Well-padded and lined.

  • 12ft and 13ft variants available.

  • Clip-together system.

  • Compatible with 50mm Butt Rings.

  • Compatible with big pits.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 900D Endura Fabric


  • 2150mm (H) x 230mm (W)