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Apex Baits Uncooked Hemp Seed

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Apex Baits Uncooked Hemp Seed, is a high quality seed that once cooked you can see all its oils released into the liquid. If has a fantastic chit rate, where the small white roots that show are meant to replicate, fresh water snails. It's great used with a bait boat, or cast out with a Spob or Spomb. Also it work very well when used to prime spots up in the margin. Once the fish start feeding on the hemp seed, they love the crunch and that sound travels through the water. It acts like a signal to other carp, as it sounds like they are feeding on water snails. Then if you keep watch of the water surface, you may see a flat spot where the oils have risen through the water columns and created a slick on the surface. This is a great indicator that the fish are feeding on your spot