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Apex Baits Squid & Monster Crab Oil 500ml

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Apex Baits Squid & Monster Crab Oil is rich in Omega 3 and contains 6 Fatty Acids. Once you open the bottle you can tell this smelly oil will attract the fish onto your baited area. Monster Crab must be one of the most used flavours over the years because of its known ability to lure fish to your spot. This mixed with the Spuid gives you a truly pungent smell. This Oil works well drizzled over pellets to give off a great scent trail as carp love the stuff, also prolonging the breakdown time of the pellets. It also works great added to stick mixes as it is PVA friendly and you can add things like chilli flakes or ground black pepper to infuse into the taste of the oil. The recommended dosage is 15-30ml per kilo of feed, this is also a favourite for those fishing for Cat Fish. 


When Pike fishing I cut a sponge into sections so they will fit into a block end feeder. Then I soak the sponges for weeks in the oil making sure the sponge is soaked in the oil. Then when Im fishing I use the feeder instead of the lead with a section of the smelly oily sponge in so it releases a load of attraction for hours around your dead bait.