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Apex Baits Maliboo 1 Litre Bait Soak

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Give your Maliboo Boilies a great edge with the Maliboo Bait soak with its sweet and creamy coconut aroma. Place a kilo or more boilies in a bucket and drizzle some of the bait soak over them, shaking them to make sure they all have a nice glaze to them. Then get some of the Apex Baits neutral Stick Mix and sprinkle a small amount over them then shake the bucket adding some more stick mix till all the boilies have stick mix particles on them. The stick mix will suck in the flavour of the bait soak and this will dry onto your free offerings. Once in the water, the particles will start to release floating off into the water columns attracting carp down to your baited area. This bait soak can also be added to Stick and Spod Mixes.