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Apex Baits Hemp & Cut Corn/Maize

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Apex Baits High Quality hemp and cut corn is cooked fresh in store. We Pride ourselves on allowing our baits longer cooking Times allowing all the oily goodness to leak out and fuse into the maize. Also doing this allows all the sugars and starches to come out of the maize which makes a amazing attractant for fish to home into. 

 The hemp & cut corn has been a game changer in my fishing for using as a spod or Zig mix or even when using a Bait Boat. There's nothing like Hemp seed to help bring carp down to the deck and get them grubbing around to stimulate a bite. Also the crushed corn offers a fantastic visual for the carp to home in on but due to it being smaller pieces of corn/maize it keeps them grubbing groing longer maximising the chance for them to find your hook bait.

Please Note; There is no added preservatives or artificial ingredients added into our mixes just pure hemp, so it isn't shelf life

Dear Valued Customer. Please note that the hemp we cook and sell is French hemp seed and the seed on average is between 2-4mm in size. I have had lots of conversations with hemp seed growers in France and they all only supply the same size. Also I’ve spoken to them about the chit rate (hemp seed opening) and they say that due to when the crop is harvested if 50% of it opens, that is very good, so please note that this it’s not down to how we cook it. We could boil it for days and the seed that doesn’t open still won’t open. The larger hemp seed is Chinese hemp and that costs around 50% more that French hemp hence why more companies only use French hemp also due to supply times from China.

    Saying this our hemp seed is cooked and soaked for many hours to extract the oily liquid which to me is far more important than the seed itself. Dry cooked hemp seed with no liquid in it will more than likely need re-hydrating before you use it as it may float but also it will just sit on the bottom giving off no signals other than visual signals. Mixed with the oily liquid it’s releasing that into the water column on the way down and if fish are feeding on your spot this is what creates the flat spot on the water surface that you see. Our Hemp comes in this oily liquid which makes it a fantastic feed hemp giving lots of signals off enticing the fish into the area but if you are a match angler wishing to use it on the hook please Do NOT buy it as it isn’t large enough. Also you can add this liquid to a method mix or hydrate boilies with it and it will give you a massive edge.

   I am only giving this information because we’ve had a couple of people say about the size of the hemp and the oily liquid that our hemp comes with but once we’ve explained they understand. We sell tonnes of hemp here on our website, ebay and in our tackle shop with lots of returning customers but we just want to explain to customers that are unsure with what they are getting.