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Apex Baits 1 Litre Pure Hemp Oil

Original price £14.50 - Original price £14.50
Original price
£14.50 - £14.50
Current price £14.50
Our hemp oil is one of our biggest seller and for only £14.50 a litre, don't let the cheap price put you off. We source or hemp oil from one of the leading suppliers, that supply a lot of the well known bait companies out there. Apex Baits Hemp Oil, has a smooth nutty taste and aroma that is irresistible to carp and is rich in the omega oils, vitamins and minerals that a carp craves for. It mixes great with particles, pellets, method & stick mixes and its also great as a boilie glug. You can also soak you PVA sticks in the stuff because its PVA Friendly!