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Apex Baits AMC+ Maple Cream 15mm Frozen Boilies & FREE POP UP's

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1-kilo bags of AMC+ Boilies NOW come with 5 FREE Pop Up's inside the bag

Buy 5 kilos of AMC+ Boilies and get 1 x Tub of Matching Pop-Ups FREE

Buy 10 kilos of AMC+ Boilies or more and get 1 x Tub of Matching Pop-Up & 1 x Pot of Hook Bait Glug FREE


Back in the 1980/90s milk protein baits were all the rage and had a devastating effect when catching carp. These baits not only accounted for big hits of fish but also for catching a bigger stamp of fish. Taking inspiration from this awesome bait and adding a modern twist is our new AMC+ freezer bait.

Starting with a complex protein base mix packed with amino acid-rich ingredients, we’ve added the classic Milk B enhancer which improves the taste and gives the bait that classic rich and creamy flavour. As well as giving the bait it’s signature taste and smell, Milk B is also an appetite stimulant, making the carp want to eat more. To bring the mix bang up to date we’ve included a clever combination of Haith’s Nectablend and PTX along with dried whole daphnia to really give this base mix a massive boost. To round things off, we’ve included a wonderful sweet tasting and smelling maple flavour which makes these boilies simply irresistible. Just like it’s classic counterpart, this bait has already accounted for some huge hits and tripped up a number of very wary carp. Due to the makeup of this bait, it can be used in all seasons which makes it a top choice for the all-year-round angler.