Trakker Products is one of the leading suppliers of quality carp equipment. Trakker was started in the 1980's by a Carl Drabble. Carl is from Sheffield and and had worked the the steel and cutlery trade but due to the job shortages he desided to start a company that was called Rainbow Angling Supplies, later to become the legendary Trakker Products. Rainbow Angling Supplies used to produce top quality gear for companies like, Shakespear, Shimano and Browning but during the 90's cheap imports from China started flooding the market and the lager companies soon followed suit. To survive this sudden change the company evolved and changed direction into the ever growing Carp Fishing Market and with it a new era- Trakker Products.

      Trakker Products started supplying their own Bespoke products directly to the retailer, which were designed and manufactured in the UK. To start it was mainly luggage but the big breakthrough came with the now legendary Armo Bivvy. Trakker Products for some time had links with a small company in Cheshire called Aqua Products, who produced a small range of products and sold directly to the angler via mail order. Due to Aqua Products small scale set up, Trakker thought it would make sense to produce the Armo Bivvy under licence and sell directly to the retailer and the Trakker Armo Bivvy was a massive success. The Trakker SLX V2 Bivvy and the Cayman bivvy have all evolved form the Trakker Armo Bivvy which still sell today. A couple of years later, Trakker released the Pioneer Brolly System and its lightweight brother the Ultralite. The Trakker Pioneer has now evolved into the much sort after Tempest V2 Bivvy System that has taken the Carp World by storm. Trakker produce a veriety of products to the highest standard, like their Sanctury Retainer and Weighing Slings to their Chair's and Bedchair's like the Levelite Beds and the RLX Flat Six Beds.

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