RidgeMonkey was formed in 2014 by a Think Tank of like minded people who strive to bring a range of thoughtful products that make a difference. The first product the bought out, The Sandwich Toaster was a massive success, that much so they soon bought out the XL Sandwich Toaster. I have both of these favoring the XL one because it does everything the standard toaster does and more. RidgeMonkey then bought out sleek looking Sandwich Toaster Case for them to protect them. RidgeMonkey then turned their attention to the Bivvy Lite Duo, which again was a huge success. The Bivvy Lite Duo has four settings, White & Red Light High & Low setting. They also come with a magnetic back and a metal strip which allows you to attach it to your Bivvy or Shelter. An addition to this was the RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo IR + Remote. This bivvy lite has a remote with it so you can turn it on from a small distance away. The advantage with the remote bivvy lite is, it makes it easier to turn the lite on and off and change the colour. On the standard one there's a little button that you have to press once or twice depending on which setting you want but this can be quite fiddly, also the bivvy lite can slip along the magnetic strip unless you hold onto it to stop it moving. The down side to having the remote, is always making sure you know where you have put it especially at night but that's only miner. RidgeMonkey also offer a range of Water Carriers in, 5 liters, 10 liters and 15 liters and like their other items, they have been very popular. The RidgeMonkey Air Dry System Mk2 is a great bit of kit for air drying your frozen boilies, especially  for those of you that go Carp Fishing in France or other foreign countries because of the amount of boilies it can hold. I personally use the Ridge Monkey Collapsible Water Bucket and they have added a great little touch by putting a Free hand towel with it. RidgeMonkey were one of the first companies to produce a Power Pack. The RidgeMonkey Power Pack offers the angler 12v and 5v charging point for different electrical appliances. Those of you looking for an easy to chop up your boilies fast for you spod mix, RidgeMonkey offer a huge Boilie Crusher that attaches to their New Modular Buckets that make the job very easy.

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