Kevin Nash started out making carp sacks for other anglers and due to their success, Nash Tackle was born. Nash is now one of the leading Carp Gear manufacturers across the globe. Nash Tackle is renowned for their Indulgence Range of Chairs and Beds, for their luxurious comfort and quality. The Nash Sleep System Beds took the Carp World buy storm, with other companies copying them but never getting close to the quality and comfort. Nash are also one of the leading manufacturers of Bivvies and Brollies, with the like's of the awesome Nash Titan Bivvy, Nash Double Top Bivvy or the Nash Groundhog Brolly System. Nash produce all their Bivvies and Brollies out of the very best materials to hand and of the highest quality. Nash manufacture a range of Bite Alarms which go under the Nash Siren banner. I personally use the Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarms, with their revolutionary Intelligent Sensing Microchip Technology which monitors the speed of the wheel it eliminates false indication, so when the Siren R3 sounds NEVER ignore it! Over the years Nash Tackle have worked with some of the top names in rod manufacturing like, Century and Daiwa incorporating their expertise in the Nash Pursuit Rod range. Nash have also changed the direction of carp rods, instead of getting bigger Nash have gone the other way with the, Nash Dwarf and Nash Scope range. The Scope and Dwarf range compacts all your gear down for those people on the move or for those that just want to lighten the load. In the Nash Dwarf and Scope range they offer Carp rods in 6ft, 9ft and 10ft and because part of the rod is telescopic they pack down less than half its size. Nash also offers in the Scope and Dwarf Range all the luggage you would need plus, Beds, Bivvies and Shelters. For those of you on a Budget or just want value for money, the Nash KNX range is right up your street. The Nash KNX Range consists of Shelter's, Beds, Sleep System's,Chairs, Rods, Luggage, Unhooking Mats and a whole host of other items.

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