Mainline Baits has to be one of the biggest and most sort after carp bait manufacturer in Carp Fishing. Their baits have caught some of the most sort after and biggest carp, not only in the UK but all over the world. Mainline Baits Activ-8 has to be up there with one of the best boilies ever produced, catching wherever it was taken. Mainline Activ-8 has stood the test of time, still to this day it outperforms most of the other boilies on offer to the Carp Angler. I myself have chosen to use Activ-8 over the past couple of years on my trips to France with huge success. I noticed that angler who were all fishing on the then going bait were struggling so I knew a change was needed, so I switched to Activ-8 knowing it would of graced the water up and fish would respond to it, and they did. Mainline Baits also produce the ever popular Cell Boilie with its coconut flavor. When Mainline bought out the Cell it tore water's apart, producing huge hauls of carp and even some of biggest and hardest to catch carp accross Uk and Europe. Mainline Cell is still one of the most asked for boilies today and still possesses the power to unlock the hardest waters. An awesome tip when using Cell is to soak your hook baits in Baileys or Malibu to give yourself an edge, it will also help preserve them. Mainline Baits Cell and Activ-8 have being that good of a bait that they created a Hybrid of it and that exactly what the called it Hybrid. Mainline mixed the Cell and Activ-8 together giving you this hopie sweet smelling bait. Mainline Hybrid has caught a lot of fish both in the UK and Europe and is slowly creeping up on the Cell in bait sales. The latest edition to the Mainline Baits profile is, Essential Cell. Essential Cell is a very sweet smelling boilie with a coconut after note. Mainline Essential Cell has had amazing results in tests before the bait was launched and now it it available to the public.

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