Jag Products produce Stainless Steel Bank Wear , Buzz Bar's, Bankstick's, Stage Stands,  Stabiliser and Rod Pods out of 316 Stainless to the very highest standards. They also make the same items in the Prolite Range and Prolite Black. Jag Products Bank Wear are made to withstand the test of time with their highly engineered piece's that are produced to the lowest of tolerances. Their products are very sort after because of their stunning looks and qualities. Jag have recently launched the New Black Prolite Range and have just added the New Jag Prolite Black Adjustable Buzz Bars too it. They also manufacture the Lockdown Rear Grip Back Rests that will hold your rods tight and safe from the most ferocious of runs. The Lockdown Rear Rests come into their own when snag fishing, when you need to know your rod is locked down and won't move. Jag also produce the Safe Liner Black Hangers and the Safeliner 316 Hangers, which are stunning engineered hangers that will pick up the slightest of indications. Also Jag supply a range of Hook Sharpening equipment, from the SP Stones, fine and medium for honing your hooks putting a sharp point back on them, too the SP Max File for removing metal to make the hook point finer and longer and super sharp. They offer the SP Vice to hold your hooks in and it will also house your SP Stones in the handle of the vice. You can also buy a Jag Ultra Eye magnifying glass that will give you a magnification 20x greater than the human eye to get the perfect hook points.

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