Fox International originates from Essex by a chap called Cliff Fox. Cliff launched his first ever Fox International product which was a metal ruler showing size limits of certain species of fish caught in the UK matches when anglers had to fish to a set of size limit rules. Fox International grew from strength to strength and was forced to oped a huge European distribution plant in Meer on the Belgium/Dutch border in addition to the headquarters in Hainault. Fox International now employ over 100 people spread across UK and Europe. Fox are well known for their Chairs and Bedchairs, in the early days the two main companies manufacturing Carp Chairs and Bedchairs for the carp angler were Fox and JRC but Fox Chairs and Bedchairs were the more sort after brand. Fox continue to produce top quality chairs and bedchairs, like the Flatliter, Flatliner and Warriors ranges. Fox International took the market by storm when they released the Fox Supa Brolly System and the Fox Supa Brolly, Producing them in standard 60" and Compact version 50". The Fox Supa Brolly was the first brolly to have a flat crowd plastic top instead of the bell type tops that a lot of standard brollies have. Fox also produce a range of Bite Alarms, the most popular being the Fox Micron Bite Alarms that are very reliable at affordable prices. Fox International also has an extensive range of end tackle. The Fox Edges Accessories range from the outstanding Armapoint Hooks, Swivels, Leadcore and leadless Leaders to Boilie Hair Stops. Fox has a huge range of luggage under the Fox Royale and Fox FX brand names offering Rod Holdalls, Carryalls, accessory pouches, Air Dry Bags and lots more. The latest luggage range being the Fox Camolite Range that they also produce a Carp Wheel Barrow in. Fox International reel range consists from Big Pit Carp Reels like the FX11, FX9 and now the FX13 to free spool reels like the EOS 10000 and 6000 reels. Fox Carp Rods and Landing Nets start at a budget range, Warrior and go up to the Torque then Horizon XT Carp Rods.

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