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Fox EOS Pro Spod n Marker Rod

by Fox
Original price £69.99 - Original price £69.99
Original price
£69.99 - £69.99
Current price £69.99
Fox EOS Pro Spod n Marker Rod has been made with higher-grade carbons to which the older EOS model was made using. They come fitted with SLIK Air Guides that have no ceramic inserts to reduce damage to the guides. They also have a high-quality 18mm reel seat and a full shrink wrap handle with an anti-frap tip eye fitted. Also fitted on the butt section is a marker at one-foot interval to help when using a marker float to find the depth of water.


  • Lightweight low resin carbon construction
  • SLIK Air guides
  • Anti-frap tip guide
  • High quality 18mm reel seat
  • Understated cosmetics
  • Matt black finish
  • Full shrink wrap handle