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Nash LR 10000 Reel

by Nash
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The Nash LR 10000 Reel is a high-performance fishing reel that boasts a range of features and technologies designed to improve your fishing experience. This reel is packed with features that make it ideal for both beginner and experienced anglers alike.

One of the standout features of the Nash LR 10000 Reel is its 8+1 stainless steel bearings. These bearings ensure smooth and reliable operation, even under heavy loads. This means you can fish with confidence, knowing that your reel will perform flawlessly every time.

The line-friendly casting clip is another impressive feature of this reel. This clip allows you to easily and accurately cast your line to your desired location, making it easier than ever to catch your next big fish. Additionally, the fast drag system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the drag to match your fishing conditions, giving you more control over your line.

The Nash LR 10000 Reel also features a floating line rotor guard, which helps to prevent tangles and line twist. This is especially useful when fishing in windy conditions or around structures that can snag your line. The anti-twist line roller further adds to the reliability of the reel, ensuring that your line stays in place and doesn't become tangled or damaged.

The 4.9:1 gear ratio of the Nash LR 10000 Reel allows you to reel in your catch quickly and efficiently, without having to strain your arms and shoulders. This gear ratio is perfect for anglers who want to catch larger fish, as it provides plenty of power and speed to bring them in.

Overall, the Nash LR 10000 Reel is a well-built and reliable fishing reel that is sure to impress. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, this reel is sure to provide you with the performance and reliability you need to make your next fishing trip a success.

  • 8 + 1 stainless bearings
  • Line friendly casting clip
  • Fast Drag
  • Floating line rotor guard
  • Anti twist line roller
  • 4.9:1 gear ratio

Product Information

Weight: 728g

Line retrieve per handle turn: 104 cm

Line capacity:

  • 0.28mm/860m
  • 0.33mm/620m
  • 0.37mm/490m
  • 0.40mm/420m