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Trakker Tempest RS 150 Insect Panel

by Trakker
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Enhance Your Tempest RS 150 Experience with the Magnetic Insect Panel:

Elevate your angling sanctuary with the purpose-designed Tempest RS 150 Magnetic Insect Panel—an essential accessory that seamlessly integrates into your shelter, providing an array of features to ensure an insect-free, comfortable fishing experience. Crafted from durable and lightweight polyester mesh, this panel is meticulously engineered to cater specifically to the Tempest RS 150, offering optimal performance and ease of use.

Technical Mastery:

Material: Polyester
Weight: 1.30kg
Transport Size: 7cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 20cm (D)
Compatible with: (201320) Tempest RS 150

Key Features:

1. Insect Shield with Optimal Ventilation: The Magnetic Insect Panel serves as an impenetrable shield against biting insects and unwanted creatures, ensuring a peaceful angling environment within your Tempest RS 150. Experience the joy of unobstructed views of the lake and enjoy improved airflow while remaining protected from pesky intruders.

2. Magnetic Self-Closing System for Swift Exits: The ingeniously designed magnetic opening and closing system adds a layer of convenience to your angling setup. Swiftly exit your shelter in response to your bite alarm without the hassle of traditional closures. The self-closing mechanism maintains the integrity of your insect shield, keeping it functional at all times.

3. Effortless Zip Fitment: Experience unparalleled ease with the easy zip fitment of the Insect Panel. Add or remove the panel with minimal effort, adapting your shelter to changing conditions swiftly. This user-friendly feature ensures that you spend less time on setup and more time enjoying your angling pursuits.

4. Tie-Backs for Versatility: Tailor the ventilation within your Tempest RS 150 to your preference with convenient tie-backs. Roll both sides of the panel back as required, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between protection and airflow. This thoughtful addition enhances the versatility of your angling setup.

5. Complete Accessories for Seamless Integration: The Magnetic Insect Panel comes complete with T-pegs and an Aquatexx™ drawstring bag, offering a comprehensive solution for seamless integration into your Tempest RS 150 setup. Enjoy the convenience of having all necessary accessories at your disposal.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Tempest RS 150:

Incorporate the Tempest RS 150 Magnetic Insect Panel into your angling arsenal and redefine your shelter experience. From its durable polyester construction to the intelligent magnetic closure system, every detail is meticulously designed to provide optimal insect protection without compromising ventilation and convenience. Elevate your angling comfort and enjoy the serene environment of your Tempest RS 150 with the Magnetic Insect Panel by your side.