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Trakker Tempest RS 150 Inner Capsule

by Trakker
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Elevate Your Shelter Experience with the Tempest RS Inner Capsule for the Tempest RS 150:

Unlock a new level of comfort and protection with the Tempest RS Inner Capsule, meticulously crafted to complement the Tempest RS 150 and enhance your angling sanctuary. This purpose-designed inner capsule transforms your shelter into a twin-skin haven, offering an array of features designed to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Technical Mastery:

Material: Polyester
Weight: 3.6kg
Transport Size: 45 (L) x 18 Ø cm
Compatible with: (201320) Tempest RS 150

Key Features:

1. Twin-Skin Shelter Transformation: The Tempest RS Inner Capsule seamlessly transforms your Tempest RS 150 into a twin-skin shelter, elevating its performance and providing additional layers of insulation. Experience angling in a shelter that adapts to changing weather conditions, offering superior comfort and protection.

2. Condensation Reduction and Enhanced Heat Retention: Bid farewell to condensation concerns as the inner capsule significantly reduces moisture build-up within your shelter. Experience increased heat retention, ensuring a cozy environment during colder sessions and enhancing your overall angling experience.

3. Fortress Against Unwanted Guests: Crafted with a fully enclosed compartment and a stitched-in groundsheet, the inner capsule acts as a fortress against rodents and unwanted guests. Enjoy the tranquility of your angling space without worrying about intrusions, enhancing the overall security and comfort of your shelter.

4. Clever Internal Storage Solutions: Discover clever internal storage solutions thoughtfully integrated into the inner capsule. Storage pockets on the inner wall provide a designated space for your essentials, keeping your angling gear organized and within easy reach.

5. Zipped Power Point Access at the Rear: Embrace convenience with a small, zipped access point at the rear of the inner capsule. Easily run power cables and hoses into the shelter, ensuring seamless integration of technology and utilities into your angling setup.

6. Breathable, Brushed Polyester Material: Immerse yourself in the breathable comfort of brushed polyester material. Experience enhanced airflow within the shelter, contributing to a pleasant and well-ventilated environment for extended angling sessions.

7. Effortless Installation with Toggles: The Tempest RS Inner Capsule is designed for easy installation via toggles, eliminating the need for extra pegs. Streamline your setup process and enjoy the convenience of a shelter accessory that seamlessly integrates into your angling routine.

8. Drawcord Aquatexx™ Carry Bag: Store and transport your Tempest RS Inner Capsule with ease using the included drawcord Aquatexx™ carry bag. Keep your accessory protected and organized, ensuring it's ready for your next angling adventure.

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Convenience:

Invest in the Tempest RS Inner Capsule to elevate your Tempest RS 150 shelter experience. From enhanced insulation to smart storage solutions, every feature is designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. Transform your angling sessions with a shelter accessory that complements the performance of your Tempest RS 150.