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Trakker Tempest RS 100 Social Cap

by Trakker
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Elevate Your Shelter Space with the Tempest RS Social Cap:

Unlock a new dimension of comfort and versatility for your Tempest RS 100 shelter with the addition of the Tempest RS Social Cap—an indispensable accessory crafted to redefine your angling experience. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this substantial accessory extends beyond the conventional, creating a large porch area that serves as a perfect haven for socializing with friends or efficiently storing additional equipment.

Tailored for Tempest RS 100 Precision:

Specifically engineered for seamless compatibility with the Tempest RS 100, the Social Cap integrates effortlessly, expanding the shelter's capacity while introducing a wealth of benefits to enhance your time by the water.

Spacious Porch Area for Relaxation and Storage:

The Social Cap introduces a spacious porch area at the front of your shelter, providing an inviting space for relaxation and storage. Whether you're unwinding with friends or organizing your angling gear, this accessory offers a dedicated zone that goes beyond the confines of your shelter.

Optimized Air Flow and Visibility:

Versatility takes center stage as the sides of the Social Cap can be effortlessly rolled back, optimizing air circulation and visibility. Embrace the open surroundings without compromising on sheltered comfort, adapting to changing weather conditions with ease.

Enhanced Protection and Privacy Options:

For those seeking increased protection and privacy, the Social Cap seamlessly accommodates the Infill Panel from your Tempest or an Insect Panel. This modular design allows for a tailored setup, ensuring that your angling experience aligns with your preferences, whether it be enhanced insulation, protection from insects, or added privacy.

Premium Construction for Superior Performance:

Crafted from the finest Aquatexx™ fabric, the Social Cap boasts a multi-layer breathable system with a superior Hydrostatic Head Rating of 25000mm. This ensures not only water repellency but also a blackout pigment that reduces light and heat ingress, creating a comfortable interior ambiance.

Sturdy Framework for Lasting Stability:

The Social Cap is supported by 16mm pre-formed, black powder-coated aluminum poles—a testament to its robust construction. These poles not only ensure stability but also contribute to the sleek aesthetic of the accessory.

Convenient Accessories for Effortless Setup:

Equipped with dual magnetic rod straps, T-pegs, a tension strap, and an Aquatexx™ zipped carry bag, the Social Cap includes all the necessary accessories for a hassle-free and efficient setup, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your angling experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Aquatexx™
  • Hydrostatic Head Rating: 25000mm HH
  • Weight: 5.30kg
  • Transport Size: 118cm (L) x 15 Ø cm
  • Compatible with: (201102) Trakker Tempest RS 100, (201107) Tempest RS 100 Insect Panel

Elevate Your Angling Sanctuary:

Step into a realm of unparalleled comfort and adaptability with the Tempest RS Social Cap. Elevate your angling sanctuary by creating a versatile space that transcends the ordinary, providing shelter, comfort, and the freedom to customize your experience by the water.