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Gardner CamFlex Leadcore Spliced Leaders 45lb 1m Weed Green

by Gardner
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Explore the versatility of our pre-spliced 1m long CamFlex Leadcore Leaders, tailor-made for a diverse range of lead setups, from helicopter to running lead rigs. Crafted from ultra-supple CamFlex Leadcore material, these leaders provide outstanding camouflage. The broken flecked pattern effectively disrupts the visual solid line of the leadcore, aiding each color leader material to seamlessly blend into the natural aquatic environment.

Available in 35lb and 45lb, our CamFlex Leadcore Leaders come in camo flecked Green, Brown, and Silt variants. Elevate your angling experience with leaders that not only offer strength and flexibility but also enhance your ability to go unnoticed in the underwater world.