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Fox Spomb, Large, Midi, Mini

by Spomb
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The Fox Spomb is an aerodynamic bait delivery system that opens up on the impact with the water surface. It is now the most popular way of getting the bait out to your spots pretty much making the Spod redundant. It has been designed to open up in along its center opening to around 45 degrees giving you ample room to get the bait of your choice in there. Once you have simply close it together and you will hear the red button on the end click locking the spomb ready to cast. Once you cast the Spomb out and the nose of the Spomb or side hits the water surface it will open releasing the bait on your chosen area. Due to this please remember that the spomb will open on impact with anything so make sure it's clear around where you are casting from so it doesn't touch anything and you don't touch it on the ground else it will open. As soon as it hits the surface start to retrieve it keeping your rod up high and reeling quickly so it skips back across the water. Bit of a Tip, when spombing out boilies it can be quite light to cast so when the spomb is full gently dip it in the water allowing the water to fill the gaps between the boilies then quickly bring it back out and cast straight away while some water is trapped in the spomb giving it more weight.