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Nash Citruz Flake (2024)

by Nash
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£13.99 - £49.99
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An original innovation from Kevin Nash, Nashbait Flake is crafted from whole boilies, mirroring the exact process used for bagged baits. After cooking, the boilies undergo a cutting process, resulting in two distinct components within the Flake bags.

Firstly, there's a significant portion of irregularly chopped boilie slices and fragments. Secondly, there's a finely ground crumb element, perfect for creating a cloud of attraction and instantly infusing the swim with enticing aroma and taste.

This versatile bait is a must-have ingredient for edge grubbing mixes, boat feeding, and inclusion in spod mixes. The flake's unique texture ensures that carp feed more aggressively and for extended periods compared to boilies alone. It settles gracefully over weed and silt, making it effective in various baiting scenarios.

Now offered in bulk 5kg bags, catering to the needs of heavy users and ensuring ample supply for extended fishing sessions.