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Apex Baits Oily Hemp Seed

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£9.00 - £49.99
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Apex Baits Cooked Oily Hemp Seed is produced using a top quality hemp that once its cooked, carp find it irresistible. In the cooking process, we slow everything down so we make sure we get the best out of our hemp. Cooked in small batches, we make sure that what you receive is the best to our ability, batch after batch. A lot of companies cook hemp so quickly they don't get the goodness out. Here at Apex Baits, our cooked hemp goes through a 36 hour cooking process to make sure you get the best oily hemp available, time after time. When I fish with our oily hemp the carp love the stuff. Not only do they see the black grains with white tails as water snail but they love the sweet nutty aroma of the oil that oozes out of it. Also try mixing the oily hemp with Apex Baits Hemp oil to give maximum attraction.