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CC Moore Northern Specials Pop-ups

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Since Gaz joined CC Moore they have worked together produce these superb 12mm and 14mm ‘Northern Specials’ in bright pink, yellow, red and white- the two colours he found most effective in his recent fishing campaigns.

In developing these hookbaits we combined the key flavours and attractors to make a product that will release a strong food signal over a long period of time. In testing, the flavour and attractor combination used in these pop ups proved instantly effective at stimulating fish to feed in even the most adverse conditions; a characteristic that has made them an essential addition to the bait armoury of some of the most successful anglers in the country.

Don’t miss your chance to gain that all-important edge!

Tip: To really increase the potency of your Northern Specials, give them a coating of the supplied booster liquid, let it dry in and then repeat this as many times as necessary. This gives them a huge boost of attraction, making them simply irresistible.


Important notice about buoyancy:
Soaking NS1s in liquids or excessively or repeatedly adding liquids to them will reduce their buoyancy. We strongly advise that baits are given a lightcoating and are fully dried before use. This can be repeated to increase their attraction, but the more times this is repeated, the more their buoyancy is likely to be reduced. It is essential to fully dry them before use if the original level of buoyancy is required.