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CC Moore Liquid Foods

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This premium quality, cold-pressed Hemp Oil is rich in highly attractive omega oils and essential fatty acids and unlike many other oils, disperse well in warm or cold water and it won't melt P.V.A, so it's great to mix in your bag/stick mixes 



Made from the abundant natural superfood, Krill. This superb liquid food is the ultimate, complete krill-based liquid food and contains real whole krill, hydrolysed krill protein, and krill oil.

New Pacific Tuna Liquid Additive


Pacific Tuna is an extremely attractive and nutrient-rich boilie soak combining soluble fish, milk, and vegetable proteins with Robin Red. Including Pure tuna and shellfish extracts and our exclusive taste-enhancing catalysts to create an incredibly effective, year-round big fish bait which is also P.V.A Friendly 

PURE SALMON OIL (winterised)

This premium quality winterised ( effective in cold water ) salmon oil is rich in energy, omega oils and is highly attractive to carp. Salmon oil is highly effective in all spring and summer spod mixes, particularly when fished over zig rigs and for mixing with stick mixes as it is P.V.A friendly.


This outstanding natural liquid food contains amino acid-rich liquid salmon protein and pure, fine-blended salmon fillet meat. Together these create a totally unique natural product that delivers powerful taste, aroma, and nutritional properties giving bait valuable added attraction with tiny salty salmon particles that hug the lake/river bed and wash through all layers of your swim.

  • PVA Friendly


Made with high levels of fresh minced red chilies, this thick spicy natural liquid is superb for adding a hot, flavorsome boost to particles, spod mixes, and even year-round PVA bag mixes 


Sourced from the producer of the legendary L030, this tuna derived soluble fish protein extract has high salt content, deep yeasty fishy taste, and superb amino acid profile that together make it a potent year-round liquid attractor