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Apex Baits Dissolvable PVA Foam Hook Nuggets - White & Multi Coloured

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Dissolvable PVA Foam Hook Nuggets come in two types, White or Mixed colours.  There are approximately 150 foam nuggets in each bag and they are water soluble. PVA foam nuggets are often used to protect your hook point when casting out from hitting stones or hard objects on the bottom. When your bait is cast out, your heavy lead will pull your bait down fast, but with a foam nugget on, your hook bait will be suspended up from the bottom for a few seconds before melting and allowing your hook bait to slowly sink and settle on the lake bed.  Hook nuggets are also great for preventing tangles when you cast out. Simply fold a nugget around the hook, so the point of the hook is in the centre fold of the nugget. Slightly wet the two inside parts of the nugget that's going to touch and press them together, so the stick to each other. Then your hook point will be completely covered stopping it from hooking onto anything. The nuggets are also a great visual aid to bait up to. Once you've cast onto your spot and the nugget has popped up to the surface, you can use that as a reference to fire some free offerings too. I personally use the coloured hook nuggets because they are easier to distinguish between, feathers and leaves.