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The Nash Siren R3 Alarms

The Nash Siren R3 Alarms

When I first started fishing a few years back, the first set of carp fishing alarms I used were Nash Siren S5's and I loved them. The S5 alarms did everything I wanted a bite alarm to do on the waters that I was fishing.The S5's indicated when I had a fish and they did the job and to be honest when I first started I thought these were the best alarms I'd get...

But eventually after many discussions with my dad and begging him as much as I could he finally bought me three Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarms and wow, they are by far the best alarms on the market in my opinion. The indication on these alarms are next to nothing I've used or seen others using. I'm a real believer when I say "when the R3's sound you DO NOT ignore them" 3 bleeps, 2 bleeps or even 1 bleep, if that receiver sounds go and check the rod that has sounded.

Like most young people I love sleeping and really don't want to be woke up to false bleeps and with other fishing alarms they can be set off in windy or rainy conditions. Most people will blame this on the wind or liners but you its very rare to get a bleep out of the Siren R3 alarms, until that fish picks up your bait and your reel is struggling to keep up with line spinning off it!

The three different sensitive settings on the R3's are great, one bleep is for really windy days when its blowing a right hooly. 2 bleeps for moderate weather and 3 bleeps turns the motion detector off so the alarm acts like a standard roller wheel alarm, this setting is ideal on runs waters. I believe the Intelligent Sensing Technology used in the R3 Bite Alarm's really gives you an edge on the bank, because when you've used the R3 alarms for a bit and got to trust them you will not ignore a bleep on these carp fishing alarms as you just know that there is something goin on around your hookbait.

After having the Siren R3 Alarms for a while and my friends using other types of alarms, I wanted to try and convert them to the Nash Siren R3 because they were ignoring bites. I decided to lend them out to a close friends as he had always used other top bite indicators that are available on the market. He was fishing in France on a hard lake, the forecast was due for heavy wind and rain. He knew from day one that it was going to be a hard week but he set up with the R3's, got his spots, baited up and relaxed. As the forecast had predicted it was a rainy and very windy with wind speeds upto 50 MPH. Throughout the conditions he sat in complete silence with not a bleep coming through the receiver.. He sat there after a few days wondering what he was doing wrong as he'd never had a bleep out of his alarms, but then "beep,beep," he said he thought in his head " is that the wind?" but due to the R3 Alarms not sounding at all and taking my advice he didn't ignoring the R3's , went and put on his coat and picked up his rod. To his surprise a carp had picked up his rig and swam a couple of feet to the right into a weed bed. After a long winded battle he finally landed the fish weighing in at 29.6lb. He admitted to me if he had been using his alarms he would of blamed it on the wind and ignored it and wouldn't off landed his PB fish? A few weeks later when he came back, he come and gave us a visit and bought 3 and a receiver because he was so impressed with them.

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