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Review of Delkim TXI-D Alarms: All You Need to Know

Review of Delkim TXI-D Alarms: All You Need to Know

As one of the most eagerly anticipated alarms released in the past few years, the Delkim TXI-D alarm has proven popular with carp anglers, even if reviews were mixed in the early days. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Delkim TXI-D before looking at what has changed from previous models. 

Key Features of the Delkim TXI-D Alarm

Anglers were last exposed to a new Delkim alarm in 2006, so it’s no surprise that the TXI-D alarm was eagerly anticipated. When compared to the TXI that it’s replacing, the TXI-D alarm is packed with the following features: 

  • Excellent vibration sensing. 
  • Digital signal processing and beep speed control. 
  • Digital radio. 
  • Improved protection from the elements. 
  • IMU security movement sensor. 
  • Improved LED settings. 
  • Memorised user settings. 
  • Mute function.

What are the Five Big Changes? 

As well as being much improved, there are five big changes from Delkim for anglers to get excited about, including: 

  1. Streamlined design: The TXI-D is much slimmer and more compact than Delkim’s previous model. Some of the features of the remote have also been removed, such as the toggle power switch and tone dial, contributing to its sleek design. 

  2. Push buttons: Positioned on the front of the TXI-D are two pushbuttons that act as controls for various functions and make the device easy to navigate. The buttons enable the activation of daytime and night-time glowing modes and give you the option of adjusting the brightness of the LEDs. 
  3. New digital signalling processing system: Replacing the S dial for sensitivity, the R for response better reflects the installation of the new digital signalling processing system within the TXI-D. In short, you can better understand what caused the alarm to sound in the first place. 
  4. Improved weatherproofing: One of the biggest criticisms of the old TXIs was that they were often ineffective during extremely wet weather. Thanks to Delkim’s introduction of robotic coating machinery for the internal circuitry, there’s hope that the TXI-D will better cope with all weather conditions. 
  5. New receiver technology: With the TXI-D comes the RX-D receiver, which is fully digital and comes with a hugely improved battery life. Anglers have also been impressed with the ‘do not disturb’ feature, which is capable of ignoring small disturbances and will only light up when you actually have a take. 
Delkim TXI-D Alarm

How to use the Delkim TXI-D

You’ll be pleased to know that the Delkim TXI-D is straightforward to use and will help improve your catch. After pairing the TXI-D and receiver, you set your beep speed and wait to be informed of any potential takes!

Delkim alarms have long been popular with carp anglers, and the TXI-D is a much anticipated and highly welcome upgrade on the TXI. For more information about Delkim’s latest model and for a comprehensive list of product features, you can find more info on the on the Delkim Txi-D Alarm product page

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