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Nash Bank Life Bivvy Heater Review

Nash Bank Life Bivvy Heater Review

The Nash Bivvy Heater was designed with safety in mind because there’s been far too many accidents, some fatal with gas style heaters. There’s no effect from carbon monoxide with the Nash Bivvy Heater like there is with gas appliances because they work using tea candles.

Gas heater’s can make you very warm but you must always keep the door open because of the toxic gases given off, loosing the heat produced costing a lot of money to run it. Also when fishing in the colder month you need to acclimatise to the colder weather and if you keep yourself very warm by the use of a gas heater, it will feel twice as could when you are outside because your body won’t be used to it. Layering up with clothes is a better choice.

The Nash Bivvy heater will take the edge off the cold in the bivvy because you can zip your bivvy door down and leave it lit using it like your central heating system at home. The Bivvy Heater is heated by 5 tea candles, which in tests didn’t register on the carbon monoxide meter, so it is very safe for you to use.

In tests when the temperature outside was -1, the heater kept the bivvy at around 10 degrees. This made the bivvy comfortable but didn’t overheat you causing you to sweat which will make you feel cold. Also the flickering orange glow of the candles made your bivvy feel homely.

For those of you that fish all year round with your door open or under a brolly, the heater is very effective placed between your feet whilst seated allowing the warmth to travel up the front of your body to your face. This is hugely enhanced when fishing from your bivvy, letter box style.

The most effective way to use the Bivvy heater is to leave it lit continuously with your door zipped down. This acts like your central heating system at home, warming everything in your bivvy, like sleeping bags, luggage and other items which will maintain the wormth.

Tests on cold windy/rainy days, temperature outside around 10 – 12 degrees, the bivvy was a true pleasure to be in. The Heater was constantly lit when awake keeping the bivvy at an ambient temperature, also the warmth was very noticeable when getting back in the bivvy from the chilling wind.

Candle burn time of standard tea candles 4-5 hours but 8 hour tea candle can be bought

Cost to run bivvy heater for 12 hours 90 pence

Increase warmth in bivvy, use 2 bivvy heaters

Add luxury with a Nash Hot Water Bottle

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