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Free Spirit Carp Rods

Free Spirit Carp Rods

Free Spirit Carp Rods for a couple of years now and I have to admit they are outstandingly good rods. Due to work commitments I mainly fish over in France now so I can book a lake with friends and chill out fishing as hard as I like whilst enjoying my fishing. I personally use the Free Spirit 13ft Hi's ive because I like to find my spots and cast to them and I feel these rods can offer me everything I want out of a rod. I have found the more I fish different lakes in France the more casting your baits out is being forgotten and the bait boat seems to be king. I also have a boat but try not to use it unless I've got to get that close to a feature like, overhanging bushes or trees and I can't safely cast to it without hanging a baited rig in the tree or bush where birds and other animals could get themselves caught on it, then I use the boat.

I've used lots of other carp rods in my 30 odd years in carp fishing but Free Spirit Carp Rods just seem to use a different technology in their blanks to what I was used to. Take the Free Spirit Spomb Rod, the clever people at Free Spirit saw that when you cast a Spomb with a Spod Rod, the Spomb wobbled on the cast reducing the distance of the cast. So Free Spirit tested different blanks realising that Spod Rods have a stiff butt and stiff tip section but when they used a stiff butt section with a softer tip section, it aided the cast because the rod was easier to cast because you can compress it more but it also took the wobble out of the Spomb allowing it to be cast huge distances, in the right hands.

The one thing I love about my 13ft Hi's ive is they cast like a dream but they play fish under my feet with ease and I never worry about hook pulls like I have with other rods. One thing I will say though and this applies to all carp fishing rods with a test curve of 3.25 or more, when playing fish under your feet, loosen your reel clutch of a bit so the reel can aid the fight and not just your rod. So many fish are lost by the bank or at the net because the fish has been bullied and not played right.

        The Hi's Range of rods are built on a very slim powerful blank with a forgiving tip with a perdurable finish, that make the blank virtually impossible to mark or scratch. The Carbon used in the blanks is the latest Low Resin Japanese grade carbon from Toray and Mitsubishi and its because of this hi quality carbon that Free Spirit can make such slim powerful rods 

        Although I use the expensive end of the Free Spirit range they also offer the fantastic CTX Range and E Class Gold Range of carp rods. The E Class Gold are a stunning looking rod at a great price. For those of you that have been carp fishing for a few years and you are thinking of upgrading your rods, have a look at them. The E Class Gold also has a slim crisp blank with a perdurable finish like the Hi's range but they are less than half the price. I've sold lots of E Class Gold Carp Rods and the people who have bought them, have all commented on the quality of the build and how easy they are to use.

       Free Spirit recently launched the CTX Carp Rod Range that proved to be a huge success. The CTX Carp Rods start from under £100 depending on length and test curve but all those that have bought them say, that they perform as good as any rod twice their price. The Free Spirit CTX rod is built on a slim but distinctive X wrapped blank with a Fuji DPS reel seat and S-lite Guides. These rods are ideal for those that are new to carp fishing or to the carpers out there that know, you don't have to pay hundreds of pounds on a rod for it to be good and in the CTX's case, VERY GOOD.

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