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Big Pit Carp Reels

Best Big Pit Carp Reels

In 2017 Fox bought out the FX13 Big Pit carp reel to add to their FX11 and FX9 carp reel range. The FX13 was produced with the European angler in mind because of its over sized body and huge spool. The FX range were reduced in price allowing carp anglers to get hold of a great reel at a great price, with their Black Sleek Bodies, long tapered spool and slow isolation these were a big hit with the carp angler. Fox also added to their EOS reel range with the EOS 1200 and EOS12000FS ( free spool ). Fox used the same body styling of the older 12000 and 12000FS Graphite range but using different materials to lower the cost. In this Fox re-lunched an already proven styled reel that people loved at a budget price.

Big Pit Carp Reels

Daiwa came out strong in 2017 by lunching quite a few stunning looking Big Pit Carp Reel at amazing prices. For those of you on a tight budget but want a stunning looking big pit carp reel that wont break the bank, take a look at the New Daiwa Black Widow 25A big pit reel. With the Black Widows deadly black looks, Graphite Body backed up with loads of technical features, its is a cracking reel for under £80. Daiwa in 2016 had released the New Emcast Spod & Marker Reel with great success and of the back of this bought out the Emcast 25A Big Pit Reel to compliment the range for those of you that want matching setups. Daiwa also re lunched their Windcast Carp Reel range with the newly styled Daiwa Windcast QDA big pit reel and Windcast QDA Spod and Marker Reel. The New Windcast reel is packed with great features and with its stunning black graphite body it will look at home in anyone's setup. Daiwa retired the legendary Emblem big pit carp reel with its aging looks but in 2017 it was reborn with great new looks, packed with great features and I'm sure the new Emblem QDA will stand the test of time like it older brother did.

   Nash hit out in 2017 adding to their BP Fast Drag range with the BP-10 Fast Drag Carp Reel. The whole of the Nash BP Fast Drag range were an instant success, especially with those people switching to shorter rods, like the Nash Dwarf or Nash Scope carp rods in 9 or 10ft or even on other manufacturers smaller stalking rods.

    Personally I feel the company who smashed the ball out the park in 2017 was Shimano with the Stunning, Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD Big Pit Carp Reel. When people saw the first pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram the public went wild wanting to know how much and how they could get their hands on them. The Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTD is a truly stunning reel for the money and when they were first released, people thought they would be twice the price they were lunched at. The Shimano Ultegra 14000 and 5500 XTD were certainly built with the carp angler in mind, offering an immediately eye catching reel that is packed with amazing features, with superb line lay with its Super Slow Osculation, aiding the carp angler to reach further distances, the Ultegra XTD certainly rocked the carp world. Shimano also lunched the new revamped Aerlex 10000 XTB big pit carp reel and Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod reel, adding to Shimano's impressive and absolutely stunning collection of big pit carp fishing reels.      

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