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Are Ready-Tied Carp Fishing Rigs Any Good?

Are Ready-Tied Carp Fishing Rigs Any Good?

Ready-tied carp fishing rigs have gained popularity in recent years, and we have a wide variety of these pre-tied rigs available. But are they worth the investment, or should anglers stick to tying their own?

Pros and Cons of Ready-Tied Carp Fishing Rigs:



Ready-tied rigs save time and effort for beginners and busy anglers. Instead of spending hours tying your own rigs, you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of fishing.

Consistent quality and performance

Top brands like Korda ensure their pre-tied rigs are made to high standards, giving anglers confidence in their performance. In addition, these rigs often feature the same components and materials used by professional anglers, ensuring a level of quality that may be difficult for amateurs to achieve consistently. 

Great for learning

For those new to carp fishing, using ready-tied rigs can provide valuable insights into how effective rigs should be tied and set up. Studying these professionally-made rigs can help beginners improve their rig-tying skills and understand the principles behind successful rig design.

Ideal for impromptu sessions

Ready-tied carp fishing rigs are perfect for those spontaneous fishing trips when you may not have the time or materials to prepare your own rigs beforehand. Having a few pre-tied rigs in your tackle box can make all the difference when you decide to head out for a last-minute session.

Access to expert techniques

Many ready-tied rigs are designed and tied by professional anglers or industry experts with years of experience and knowledge in carp fishing. By using these rigs, you can gain access to tried-and-tested techniques and presentations that may be difficult to replicate without their expertise.

Simplified inventory management

For those with limited storage space or who prefer to keep their tackle collection streamlined, ready-tied rigs can help reduce clutter. By using these rigs, you won't need to stock up on as many individual components, such as hooks, swivels, or beads, making it easier to keep your tackle organised and accessible.


Limited customisation

Pre-tied rigs come in specific lengths and configurations, which may not suit every angler's preferences. Some anglers enjoy the process of tweaking and customising their rigs to suit particular conditions, but this level of customisation is more difficult with ready-tied rigs.


Ready-tied rigs can be more expensive than tying your own, especially if you require multiple rigs for a session. For those on a tight budget, the costs of ready-tied rigs can quickly add up.


Some experienced anglers may look down on those who use ready-tied rigs, viewing it as a shortcut or a lack of skill. While this shouldn't deter you from using pre-tied rigs if they suit your needs, it's important to be aware of this perception within the angling community.

Best Ready-Tied Carp Rigs from CPS Tackle:

Korda DF Carp Rig

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed by Danny Fairbrass, this rig offers excellent hooking potential and is suitable for both bottom baits and pop-ups.
  • Constructed with a formidable Korda Wide Gape hook, coupled with a N-Trap Soft coated braid Safe Zone shrink tube, it ensures the hook rotates aggressively when the fish picks up the bait.
  • Available in barbed and barbless versions and sizes 10, 8 and 6, the Korda DF Carp Rig is a versatile and reliable choice for carp anglers of all skill levels.

Using the Korda DF Carp Rig:

When using the Korda DF Carp Rig, be sure to match your bait size to the hook size for optimal presentation. Also, consider using a small PVA mesh bag of free offerings to help draw fish towards your hookbait.

Korda Chod Rigs Long & Short

Features and Benefits:

  • Chod rigs are popular for fishing in weedy or silty conditions, where conventional rigs may become masked by debris.
  • The Korda Chod Rigs are available in both long and short versions to suit different situations and preferences.
  • Made with high-quality materials, these rigs offer excellent presentation and reliable performance.

Using the Korda Chod Rigs:

Chod rigs are best fished with buoyant baits, such as pop-ups or cork ball baits. Ensure your hookbait is balanced and sits just above the lakebed to achieve the correct presentation.

Korda KD Carp Rigs

Features and Benefits:

  • The Korda KD Carp Rig is designed for use with buoyant baits such as pop-ups or wafters.
  • It features an ultra-sharp Kurv Shank hook and N-Trap coated braid and offers a natural movement in the water, further improving the rig's effectiveness.

Using the Korda KD Carp Rigs:

The KD rig is most effective when paired with a bottom bait or a pop-up held in place with a shot placed on the hair rather than directly on the hooklink. With its expert design and high-quality components, the Korda KD Carp Rig is a reliable and efficient choice for anglers seeking a top-performing ready-tied rig.

Choosing the Right Ready-Tied Rig for Your Fishing Situation:

  • Assess the conditions: Consider the lakebed composition, water clarity, and weed growth when selecting a ready-tied rig. For instance, chod rigs excel in weedy or silty conditions, while bottom bait rigs are better suited for clean, hard lakebeds.
  • Match the rig to your bait: Some rigs are designed specifically for certain bait types, such as pop-ups or wafters. Ensure that your chosen rig is compatible with your preferred bait to maximise its effectiveness.
  • Consider your target species: While most carp rigs are versatile enough to catch a range of species, some rigs may be more effective for targeting specific carp, such as big commons or heavily pressured fish. Research the preferences of your target species and select a rig that caters to those preferences.

Tips for Using Ready-Tied Carp Rigs Effectively:

  • Check and maintain your rigs: Before and after each use, inspect your ready-tied rigs for signs of wear or damage. Replace any damaged components or rigs to ensure optimal performance.
  • Customise when necessary: Although ready-tied rigs offer limited customisation options, minor adjustments can still be made to suit your preferences. For example, you can trim the hooklink, change the bait attachment, or add putty to balance your rig.
  • Confidence is key: Regardless of the rig you choose, having confidence in your setup is crucial. Familiarise yourself with the rig's mechanics and practice casting and retrieving to gain confidence in its performance.


While ready-tied carp fishing rigs may not be for everyone, they can offer significant advantages for certain anglers or in particular circumstances. When choosing a pre-tied rig, it's essential to select one from a reputable brand, like those available at CPS Tackle. By carefully considering the conditions, matching the rig to your bait, and following the tips in this guide, you can maximise the effectiveness of your ready-tied carp rigs and increase your chances of landing more fish.

Browse our range of ready-tied carp rigs today, or contact us for advice from our experienced team.

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