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Urban Baits Nut Juice

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The new Nut Juice from Urban Bait is one of the best Boilie liquid flavours on the market. It’s a pure Tiger Nut extract which gives it a sweet taste and a sticky consistency. Great for applying to boilies, spod mixes or just a simple dip of the hook bait before casting out into your chosen quarry. It also provides a cloudy boost to loose feed. This all year round liquid food flavour, will help attract those wary old carp and give you the edge to help get that all important bite.

Being a natural product means you really can’t over do the Nut Juice, so if you really want to glug up your freebies then this is a distinctive edge. The best method is to pour it liberally over a kilo of baits after they have been removed from the freezer. They will then be sticky, cloudy and they just find them irresistible!

PVA-Friendly Boilie Liquid Flavours

This product is completely PVA-friendly. It’s one of the best liquid additives to use neat, with just the hookbait. As small fish come into the area, they will make the milky cloud rise into the lower water column. This further sends out the sweet tasting liquid and attractive properties of the Nut Juice.

There are numerous forms of tiger nut extract available in the Mediterranean regions. We tend to have just the one imported for carp fishing purposes. This being the extract where no water has been added. As a result, our Nut Juice has a shelf-life of approximately two years unopened whilst stored at temperatures below 25ºC. Once opened it must be kept in a cool environment, otherwise it will turn rancid very quickly.

One of the most overlooked uses is as the liquid attractor in a sweet nutty base mix. This combination can then be made into boilies. If you use a nice coarse mix with Tiger Nuts in, you really do have something a tad different to the rest. Include 20ml to 50ml per kilo.

In this short video, experienced angler Nigel Sharp explains more about the new Nut Juice from Urban Bait and why he thinks it’s one of the best boilie liquid flavours available on the market today.

Give it a try today and enjoy a more consistent catch rate.