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Trakker Tempest RS 100 Skull Cap

by Trakker
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Elevate the performance of your Tempest RS shelter by incorporating the Tempest RS 100 Skull Cap—a feature-packed accessory designed to redefine your shelter experience. This detailed exploration delves into the key features and advantages that make the Skull Cap an indispensable addition to your angling setup.

Tailored Excellence for Tempest RS 100: Precision-crafted for the Tempest RS 100, the Skull Cap seamlessly integrates, enhancing both form and function. This tailored compatibility ensures a perfect fit, creating a unified shelter system that stands ready to tackle the elements with confidence.

Extended Peak for Enhanced Protection: The Skull Cap introduces an extended peak, a strategic addition that significantly enhances protection from the elements. This extra length provides increased coverage, especially in and around the door area, ensuring a sheltered space that excels in adverse weather conditions.

Summer Comfort with Increased Shade: As the temperatures rise, the Skull Cap becomes your ally in staying cool. By creating additional shade, it acts as a shield against the sun's intensity, transforming your shelter into a more comfortable retreat during the warmest months of the year.

Dual-Layer Coverage for Reduced Condensation: Experience the innovation of dual-layer coverage. The Skull Cap's twin-skin design creates a cavity that plays a pivotal role in reducing condensation. This thoughtful addition minimizes the chances of moisture buildup, providing a more comfortable and dry interior.

Aquatexx™ Mastery: Crafted from enhanced Aquatexx™, the Skull Cap embodies a multi-layer breathable system with superior water repellency. This advanced fabric goes beyond basic functionality, offering enhanced breathability and a black-out pigment that curtails light and heat ingress for a shaded and cool interior.

Improved Guttering for Effective Water Management: The RS version of the Skull Cap features improved guttering, a crucial element for effective water management. This enhancement directs water away from the shelter, preventing unwanted ingress and ensuring that you remain dry and comfortable even during heavy rainfall.

Effortless Setup with No Additional Requirements: Ease of use is a hallmark of the Skull Cap. Fitting it to your Tempest RS 100 is a hassle-free process, requiring no additional clips or pegs. The intuitive design ensures a secure and snug fit, allowing you to spend more time angling and less time on setup.

Magnetic Rod Straps for Convenience: The Skull Cap is equipped with two magnetic rod straps, providing a convenient solution for keeping your fishing rods organized and within easy reach. This thoughtful addition enhances the overall functionality and organization of your angling space.

Aquatexx™ Drawstring Bag for Storage: To ensure convenient storage and transport, the Skull Cap is supplied with a dedicated Aquatexx™ drawstring bag. This not only protects the Skull Cap during transit but also contributes to the overall organization of your angling gear.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Aquatexx™
  • Hydrostatic Head Rating: 25000mm HH
  • Weight: 1.05kg
  • Transport Size: 30 (L) x 12.5 Ø cm
  • Compatible with: (201102) Tempest RS 100

Unlock New Dimensions of Shelter Performance: Incorporate the Tempest RS 100 Skull Cap into your angling setup to unlock new dimensions of shelter performance. Tailored for excellence, this accessory seamlessly integrates with your Tempest RS 100, offering extended protection, increased shade, and reduced condensation. With advanced features, a user-friendly design, and the mastery of Aquatexx™, the Skull Cap stands as a testament to innovation and practicality in angling gear.