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Trakker Tempest Brolly Advanced Skull Cap

by Trakker
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Create a peak to the front of your Tempest Brolly Advanced, which gives greater protection from the rain without compromising your view of the lake, by using the Tempest Brolly Advanced Skull Cap. The Skull Cap will provide additional protection from the weather by adding a second skin to the top of the shelter to combat condensation and retain heat, and unlike a full overwrap, it can be left in place when the bivvy is packed down. It is manufactured from our upgraded 10,000mm hydrostatic head polyester.

  • Designed to give the Tempest Brolly Advanced a peak

  • Aquatexx® fabric - super waterproof, breathable and hydrophobic

  • Reduces condensation, increases shade

  • Can be left in place during set-up and pack-down

  • Clips are easy to fit and can be left in place

  • Rain gutter

  • Dual rod straps

  • Drawstring carry bag

  • Material: Aquatexx®

  • Weight: Approx 0.8kg

  • Transport size: Approx 40 x 14cm