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Trakker Essentials Half Sized Glug Pots

by Trakker
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Our Half-Size Glug Pots are just that – half the size of our standard Glug Pots! At just 5cm in height, they are perfect for keeping hookbaits in, and the leak-resistant design means that you can keep those hookbaits glugged-up without fear of the contents leeching out and making a mess of your carryall!

These Half-Size Glug Pots are also ideal for storing tea/coffee/sugar etc., and for those who like to try and keep everything as compact as possible, two pots can be stored neatly inside one of our Plastic Cups, which come supplied with our NXG Brew Kit and NXG Deluxe Food Set, or can be purchased individually from Trakker retailers.

  • Six half size screw top, water tight glug pots
  • Perfect for hookbait or glug storage
  • Translucent green tint
150ml capacity