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Terry Eustace Pro Gold 1000 yards

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LOWVIS Beneath the water this line features very low visibility characteristics with our exclusive U.V. clear finish. 

SOFT/SUPPLE An ideal line for fixed spool or multiplier use. There are none of the springy and coiling tendencies that you usually associate with such an abrasion resistant line. It’s suppleness makes it ideal for fixed spool use, even in the heavier strains. The ultra smooth surface of this line make it ideal for long range, accurate casting. 

ABRASION RESISTANCE Featuring the same characteristics which amazed anglers and testers alike when they first used ProGold line. Just as resistant and with the same limp and pliable features. 

HIGH STRENGTH A most important feature is the high shock absorbency properties of this line. This helps to cope with the sudden lunges which can occur, especially when a fish is right under the rod tip. Pro Tough also has extremely high knot strength coupled with precise, uniform diameters to ensure that you are fishing with a consistently reliable line. 

FRESH/SALTWATER Prior to it’s launch Pro Tough (15lb test) has accounted for 60lb carp and 150lb catfish. The 30lb test has accounted for fish to over 350lb at Gillham’s Resorts in Thailand, these were Arapaima, one of the hardest fighting fish ever encountered by the big fish hunter. In saltwater testing it has landed big tarpon, shark, snapper, bonefish and barracuda without a single loss due to line failure. 

RELIABILITY As with all our products, we test thoroughly so that you can fish with complete confidence.